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The Difference Between Anime Edits And 'Vecto
BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: stop-tracing supports and appreciates real vector art. I am NOT dissing every vector artist ever. This article is about vector "artists" who take other people's art, trace over it, and call it their own. Those of you that create lovely vector art from your own mind or use resources and references that you have the legal right to use are in the clear, okay? Keep on artin'. :D</b>
This is gonna be a shorter one, folks, but I've been thinking about this for a while.
deviantART prohibits the submission of screenshot "edits". For those of you that have never encountered a screenshot edit- let me give you a very typical example.
Big note: The vast majority of this sort of "vector art" is anime-related, and that's what I'm most familiar with, so that's the example I'll be using. I'm sure this happens to American cartoons and maybe even live-action shows.
Say someone is a fan of the anime Naruto, and they like to RP or write fanfiction or something. That'
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On Tracing and Learning
In the past month or so that the club has been running, I've heard many voices of support, but a few spoke out and defended tracing as a learning method. All of us have something to learn from each other, in my opinion, and as much as I hated the idea of saying anything positive about tracing at first, I sat down and chewed on what they said for a while and came up with this article.
Tracing can be helpful in certain ways, HOWEVER:
Do not use it as your sole learning method.

So far, everyone I have talked to that said they think tracing actually helped them has also mentioned the fact that they used other methods along with it. There is also a certain amount of thought that needs to be put into whatever you happen to be tracing. You can't just sit there and go over the lines while daydreaming about something else.
Try other things. Draw from life, especially. Tracing can help you get a handle on the pencil, but it can not teach you how to take something from 3D and put it into 2
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Why The Staff Is Wrong About Tracing
Friends at deviantART, here is the article that was part of the inspiration to create this club. Before you can understand this article you'll need to have read it.
While I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the job that the CEA team does, I was shocked, disgusted, and incredibly disappointed when I came across the aforementioned article. I've been a member of deviantART for quite some time and I remember the days before all this tracing nonsense was allowed.
Given recent events which I will not directly link to, but I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about- it's hard for me to believe that the staff is still turning a blind eye to tracing, still letting this farce go on. In the past few months there have been several incidents related to tracing that have caused large stirs in deviantART, and I thought it would perhaps become clear that a lot of people are angry. It's not just a few people. Remember the uproar
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The Twilight Rant
To begin: no, I have not read the books. I also never will. I have read about someone becoming physically ill while reading the original, and don't intend to do the same.
Just reading reviews and plot summaries are enough to piss me off. Hell, I'm fairly certain that a plot summary of Twilight is equivalent to the book (minus 200 or so pages of explaining how sexy Edward Cullen is).
To paraphrase our Lord and Savior, Benjamin Yahtzee Sebastian Godzilla Croshaw, teenage angst novels and I have an agreement: I don't read them and they can suck as much as they want far away from me. If Twilight had been just another noxious bubble in the toxic morass that is contemporary literature, I wouldn't have given two shits. Not even one shit, in fact. But no, it had to go and stink up the mainstream. I was fine with that, even.
Then I read about it. About how the vampires fucking sparkle. Sure, it's original, but so is trying to make a car that runs on dead squirrels: just because it
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is an endangered species
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a freelance artist and writer, and someone told me I'm an English literature major. I'll believe them since I was drunk and disoriented for most of my academic experience. Somehow I managed to maintain a high CI, though.

Personal Quote: "If you have to write fantasy, don't let it take itself too seriously. Nobody does that anymore."
  • Listening to: Immortals - Fall Out Boy
  • Reading: DSM-IV Case Book
  • Watching: Jonathan Creek
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2
  • Eating: Souvlaki
  • Drinking: Cola
Still happening, just clarifying prices for the sake of ease.

——> Headshots:
  • $5 for unshaded sketch
  • $10 for flat colors
  • $18 for a shoulders up render

——> Thigh-up:
  •  $12 for unshaded sketch
  •  $15 for flat colors
  •  $20 for fully colored and shaded

——> Full body:
  • $15 for unshaded sketch
  • $20 for flat colors
  • $23-25 for fully colored and shaded

A few notes:
  1. Payments are made through PayPal, only.
  2. For the sake of my sanity and to save time, I will not be doing detailed backgrounds for most works. But we can negotiate a simple colored or textured background and the addition of a certain number of props (things characters hold, stuff they’re sitting on or leaning against, desks they’re sitting at, you get the idea). 
  3. I will also draw dragons, monsters and other non-humanoids but if I feel like I can’t do justice to something I might be forced to surrender. I can manage anthros but they take more time due to my lack of practice.
  4. NSFW art is not available at the moment, barring extenuating circumstances. I can do some artistic and slightly saucy nudes, but anything further will require discussion.
  5. Payment is 50% upon completion of rough draft and 50% after completion.
  6. I reserve the right to decline a commission. I also reserve the right to abandon a commission if I am unable to complete it. Should I abandon the commission, I will fully refund any money already submitted.
  7. Thanks to a wonky schedule, life obligations and finicky muse, I kindly request you to be patient with my pace of work. Bug me, but not excessively. I have to work and eat too, you know.

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Pin Up: Liz
yay, did another. New OC too, will get back to you with more about her.



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